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Creating a overall branding system corporate-wide for a rapidly expanding line of products and acquisitions.

We created an overall branding system for Quidel's rapidly expanding line of products.



Color Systems

Visual Identity


We created the overall system for how each Quidel product would be branded. It included a logo style, and a reimagining of the most important aspect of each device or test.

The Amplivue brand, unzipped DNA depicting the key focus of the test.

amplivue tradeshowpanel.jpg

Our rebrand has integrated the company story, creating a cohesive overall brand to last.  The new brand incorporates the values of the company, and with a growing line of assays, an infinite number of colors to choose from. The brand adopted a differentiating position visually with art, each product represented by a modern rendering incorporating what was important with each product. The new strategy created a system of brand architecture that is modern, clean, and easily readable.

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