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Quidel | REBRAND

.Positioning the company for where they are today

We built the brand that went from a beginning revenue of 158 million to 1.56 Billion in 2020.



Color Systems

Visual Identity

fallingQuidelCards copy.jpg

Quidel asked that we come up with a symbol that they could use on its own, or with the Quidel name. Quidel describes itself as: “The Diagnostic Continuum” but also represents the different colors that Quidel has chosen for its assays – remaining true to its origins.


Quidels rebrand has integrated the company story, creating a cohesive brand to last.  The new brand that was created incorporated the values of the company, and with a growing line of assays, an infinite number of colors to choose from. The brand adopted a differentiating position visually with art, each product represented by a modern rendering incorporating what was important with each product. The new strategy created a system of brand architecture that is modern, clean, and easily readable. 

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