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Savanna | Product Launch

Positioning a brand to stand out, and grow.

Developing a clear brand strategy, market positioning, packaging design, and identity.



Color Systems

Visual Identity




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Savanna with the Savanna RVP 4 Assay offers a customizable multiplexed respiratory panel with RT-PCR detection of Flu A, Flu B, RSV, and SARS-CoV-2. Savanna’s Custom Test Select feature provides the power to choose the full molecular panel or just the most clinically-relevant analytes to report while reserving the ability to unlock any or all of the remaining results within 48 hours — without the need to retest.
We were asked to create a brand Identity for the launch of Savanna, Quidel's new molecular device. This brand will expand, but is starting out with its initial line of tests from the respiratory system. We created the concept for a system that is divided by disease states. Each section depicts the human system it is testing.

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With the understanding of the Savanna line expanding, we created an in depth system, guaranteed to grow with the expanding line, and making sure that it works across all materials.

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The Savanna system works across all materials, including packaging and the test cassette itself.

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All aspects of a brand are important, including inclusivity for anyone using the devise. In our color studies, noting how colors work best - especially on screens where results are critical – making sure that ease of use is taken into account. for this study, we noted that adding a white dot that denotes "finished cycle" is helpful for those with Color Vision Deficiency (CVD).

Savanna Brand

Sales sheet for RVP4 assay.

We have created an intelligent brand that can easily be expanded, and maintained across all media, gaining market share and standing out among its competitors.

We can do this for you.

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