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Acquiring a well known product brand.

How to integrate a product with an already well known brand of its own.



Color Systems

Visual Identity

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The acquisition of the well known Triage brand (a high-performance, comprehensive testing platform for use in the laboratory or at the point of care), used by hospitals and physician offices worldwide. The test menu includes cardiovascular and toxicology assays. 


The color system was came from the original company and acquired by another company that put its own mark on the brand. The goal here was to integrate the brand into the Quidel overall brand system. We found that the original color system was well known to its customers, but many of the values were very close to each other. When a customer might be using a color to recognize a particular test, the difference between those colors becomes very important. We used color theory to manipulate the colors but make sure that they were recognisable. We created an integrated system of colorful illustrations that changed with different product assays.

triage old BNP test copy.jpg

The old Triage brand.

BNP Box2.jpg

Triage BNP branded for Quidel.

New Triage colors copy.jpg

A color system seems like an easy thing, but small changes in a systems value and intensity makes sure that a color is readable in all uses. Brook-Schwartz+'s background in color theory makes sure that your approved color systems don't create trouble down the line.

BNP Box2.jpg
Triage Tox Brand Packaging
TriageTrue Brand Packaging

Creating a series of illustrations that tie into the overall corporate brand, and tell the story of what the product does.

Triage Brand Illustrations
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