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Brand Building Experts




In the midst of a chaotic swirl of icons, apps, and a constant barrage of information from every direction, the ability to effectively disseminate information becomes paramount.

We are experts at finding the nugget.

The World is Changing.

Amidst the hustle of industry shake-ups and audience mood swings, we level up by merging the latest trends with our timeless expertise. Keeping it fresh and fierce, we dial in with every audience, always on trend.

Struggling to articulate complex concepts?

It's part of my expertise.

My diverse experience equips me to conceptualize, create, and oversee all facets of brand development. I possess a unique talent for translating abstract ideas into practical, sustainable systems that are easily navigated and maintained.

John Schwartz
Founder & CEO at Brook-Schwartz+

Need an amazing brand identity?

It's part of my expertise.

An adept problem solver with a keen eye for identifying challenges and uncovering opportunities, I specialize in devising creative strategies to address unique problems and differentiate solutions.


Denise Brook-Schwartz
Founder & Creative Director at Brook-Schwartz+

Let's collaborate to elevate your brand's visibility and recognition through expert Visual Identity mastery and strategic management. Together, we'll craft a cohesive and trend-setting approach that ensures your brand stands out in today's competitive landscape.

Have a question or a project you would like to discuss? Give us a call here:

1+ (619) 723-1864

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