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Brook-Schwartz+ is a Life Science branding and creative agency.

Who is Brook-Schwartz+?

We are a life science
branding and creative agency.

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For the last sixteen years Brook-Schwartz has been the brand agency for a diagnostic/device company that has grown from 158 million to 1.56 billion in revenue. We launched 12 devices, 14 assays, 5 acquisitions, named 5 devices, one corporate rebrand, and won 14 awards along the way.

Brook-Schwartz+ creates easy to manage brand systems for acquisitions, new products, rebrands and ad campaigns that make complex concepts understandable and engaging, all within your budget, time frames, and regulatory systems.


We helped build a growing life sciences company into a global leader in point-of-care testing. Our experience, strategy and creative transforms our clients brands and businesses.


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+1 858.268.8375

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